Well.. i finally got my Mikuni..but..

Ok, i have to admit i love this carb, it's nice! But there are some things i need to ask you guys who own a Mikuni TM-33P.

First off, i have really stretched out my Airboot, i don't like that i have and i was wondering if ordering a XR600 airboot would would.

2ndly, The jets i got are wierd sizes, and one of my sources said that these aren't metric sized jets like the Keihin are.

It came with a 37.5Pilot and a 127.5main. Now are those too lean of jets (not keihin sizes remember! they are european!) and What are some reccomendations on the airboot also.

Anyway, i like the carb soo far, even though i have only started it lol. Installation was a pain, but it's on there and i like it. :)

Where did you get it from? I bought my 36mm for my XR4 from XR's Only. I've played with the jetting a little and it turned out that it came jetted spot on from there. I have 130 main 15 pilot if I remember correctly. I'll make sure tonight. Your jet sizes don't sound right.

xrsonly.com equips the mikuni with 'aluminum adapters' so it fits right. You might call them to see if they will sell you some.

An XR 600 air boot will not fit, a 250 and 400 are interchangeable but the diameter is different on boot so if it fits now it won't fit with the other unless you get the adapter from XR's only. My experience with mik pumpers on the 250 is not good. I like the Eddelbrock tons better and it fits perfect.


checked my jet sizes last night. 130/15 is correct. What the other guys said is also right. My carb came with a bell extention epoxied on so that it would fit into the air boot.

So you found that to be the best jetting. Thank you, about the air boot and everything, my friend made me a special attachment like you have on yours that i epoxied on and it's perfect. It makes it a little smaller, but it makes it perfect fit everytime! :)

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