Can you buy just cam shaft caps?

I over tightened my intake cam shaft cap and cracked it. But I don't see just that part, it looks like it only comes with whole head assembly.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1389410136.765212.jpg


They are matched to the head.  They do not come separate. 

So every head is different? From bike to bike? That was a costly mistake....JB weld it is

You can have the cap welded, just make sure the journal doesn't distort. Or you could get a used cap and have it line bored so they match up, otherwise the bore wont be round. Give Engine Dynamics a call and they will help you out.

That's the thing to do.   Get hold of a trashed head cheap and pull the cap off of that one to use on yours.  You will have to have the cap and head "line bored" to be sure the match is perfect.  Most competent machinists with the necessary equipment can do this.  Places like EDCo make a specialty of it.

Hey Gray, will an '08 head fit an '09 yz450f?


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