DRZ mods (i can do by myself)

im wondering about doing some mods that will add power and low end but i dont want to spend money. been readin around and im wonderin what you mean about drillin the end cap out of the exhaust. my dad wont let me touch it because of the spark arrestor. took out the end cap, looked at it, and it didn't look like i could do much :). can you tell me what you mean by drilling it out? also i read that the is some brass thing stuck in the fuel/air screw that i could drill out. looked at mo carb.... didn't see it. where is it and how do i drill it out. oh, and is there anything else i can do? any help appreciated,


I can't help you on the muffler, but I can on the brass insert. It is directly under the bore of the carb on the engine side. It is hard to see with the carb on the bike, so you might want to remove it. Drilling out the brass insert will allow you to adjust the air screw which will help idling and up to about 1/8 throttle opening. It won't give you any more power. The best cheap mod to get some power is to remove the snorkel in the airbox and make the hole bigger. This is doing for the input side what drilling out the muffler does for the output side.

yah, ive already taken the snorkle out and i put a no-toil performance air filter in it. workin on opening the top. ill look for the air screw. in the middle of buying a powernow carb insert for $5. thx for the help


Is the powernow carb insert for the stock 20mm carb?

Where can you get one for $5 ?

When you pulled the snorkel did you notice any difference in idle or low end jetting?

http://www.imbris.net/~toadie/powernow.htm email the guy by clicking at the bottom. he will send you 1 for $5 including shipping. i didn't really notice any difference after taking out the snorkel, but to tell you the truth i haven't ridden it yet but i am going on sunday. started it up, didn't really notice a difference in idle

There are two things tou can do to your pipe. The first would be take the spark arrestor off and look down in the pipe. You will see a metal plate with two holes in it. Use a hole saw and drill this out. The second is the washer in the head pipe. Drill this out also. Did this on my daughters KLX. Now the bike is not choked down and it climbs hills better. :)

last night i tookoff the end cap and looked down in the exhaust with a flash light. saw the metal plate :). use a big drill bit and drilled 5 big holes in it. later tonight i will start it up. i will also look in the head pipe and look for the washer. thx :D :D

looked in what i thought was the header pipe. no washer :). i took the pipe off of the front of the engine and unscrewed the clamp that clamps the two pieces of the exhaust pipe together. looked in both sides of the piece and nothing :D. either could you post a pic or explain more thouroughly thx

I replaced the entire exhaust on my DR-Z125L and never noticed a washer. I checked the service manual and there was no mention of a washer that I could find. Is someone perhaps talking about a KLX-110? I don't think the DR-Z125 has an exhaust washer for limiting power.

I'm with DR_DRZ. I had checked my son's DRZ125 quite a while ago, no restricting flange/washer in the head pipe.

How much louder is it?

its not a huge difference in sound, maybe a little

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