Proud new owner of 06 yz450f, would like you guys to take a look at it

Hey guys, I have been searching for a dirtbike for the past few months, had planned on working out some deal on trading my banshee for a bike, needless to say after a bunch of deals falling through I ended up stumbling on this 06 yz450f that is 5 mins from where I work. 


He wasn't interested in working out a trade but I bought it for 1900$. Overall, I am VERY happy with the purchase, but I am a little curious about the stator cover on the bike (is has a textured black paint on it, and I can tell the cover bolts have been taken out before)


The pictures are from the day we dug it out of his garage so I could look at it lol, he did buy a new clutch lever for it before I bought it. 


Here is what I know about the bike:

He told me straight up at the beginning that he didn't have a title with the bike, said he bought it that way. 


The hour meter showed 46.7 hours on it the day I bought it. When the guy was telling me about the bike, he said one of the first things he done was took it to have the valves adjusted (I can tell the valve cover bolts have been taken out). I asked him if the hour meter was since an engine rebuild or since the valves were checked etc, he laughed in reply stating that it was since the bike was new


The suspension has apparently been done by pro action, but he said it was already done when he bought the bike so he doesn't know what weight it is setup for. 

(I also noticed the front forks and rear shock had a tiny bit of oil on them after my first ride :/ ) 


After looking at the two main cylinder bolts on the exhaust header side of the engine, I can tell they have had a wrench/socket on them, however I cannot see that ANY other bolts have been touched on the engine (except for the stator cover and valve cover). I've tried to really look close at the case bolts and motor mounts and they appear to be untouched. 


What throws me off is the color of the stator cover, the only yz450f's I see with black covers are like 09 models. And I cant think of why the main cylinder bolts would have been touched, i'm almost positive the three 8mm bolts on the opposite side of the cylinder have not been taken loose before. I am hoping that I just got lucky and the engine really only has 46 hours on it. 


Either way, since I have gotten the bike I have read a lot on here about common problems/mods/etc and here is what all I have done to it:


The bike seemed to cut out/bog very badly from an idle so prior to my first actual ride on it I pulled the carb and cleaned out pilot jet and circuit the best I could, the carb was spotless from what I could tell, although I think I did get a tiny bit of trash out of the pilot circuit. This helped it run MUCH better, although there is still some slight bog from idle. 


After my first ride I noticed the steering head bearings were shot.... :( I had read about it already on the forums. So I purchased both the updated top and bottom bearings ( I was unaware that Yamaha had released an updated bottom bearing). 


I also noticed the front wheel has the tiniest bit of play in the bearing, so I ordered new seals and bearings for it and they should be in within a few days. 


Tonight I done the breather tube re-route and the ziptie mod for the AP ( I know, probably not the best way to fix it, but it was something super quick and easy I wanted to try) 


Other than that, I plan to get a stainless steel filter, run Mobil 1 4T 10w40 in it and hopefully just ride the piss out of it.


Sorry I wrote an entire book, at least I tried to space it out so it's an easily read book ;) haha  


Thanks for any input, please let me know what you guys think! 












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Well, I guess it looks like 09 engines could come with a black stator cover, but the caps for the stator cover were allen head instead of standard. So I guess someone just stripped the paint off mine and painted it black? 

I have over 250hrs on my 06 and the valves are still in spec! Have a new 450 but have decided I will keep my 06. Grayracer has some great set-up tips on make this bike the corner master, do a search on 06 handling...

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