2011 YZ450F wheels on a 2002 YZ426F?

Hey there TT crew..... Got a question that I haven't had any luck with. I picked a set of 2011 YZ450F stock wheels with tires, aftermarket rotors and sproket. I couldn't pass them up for $80 bucks considering the great shape they're in. My question is the compatibility with my 2002 YZ426F. It looks like the front will work but the back axle is a different size. Is their a way I can get them to work?? Thank soooo much for all the great advice.


- Deal or no deal    :thumbsup:  :thumbsdn:

The front can be used if you use the spacers for the '11.  The rear can't be made to fit by any reasonable means I'm aware of.  No bearings exist that you can use to convert it to the 25mm axle size.

Thanks GR...... Your the man!!!  :thumbsup:

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