Simple Pilot Jet Question?

Hi Y'all,

I've got a 2002 DRZ400S with the Stage 1 Jet Kit, K&N Filter, Big Gun Exaust, 3x3 Air Hole, and #142.5 Main & #22.5 Pilot. All I want to do is get a #25 Pilot Jet, but every on-line source I try is either out of stock or can't tell me the part number I need. :D

Can anyone recommend a good source or tell me the #25 Pilot Jet part # before the Pilot/Fuel Screw falls out of my BSR36 Carb. :)



Waiting to wallow in the snow and/or mud! :D

vm28/286 if my memory isnt failing me.

Could it be VM28/486? I can't seem to find any VM28/286 or is it just a rare bird? :)

Until you get your jet and even afterwards, take a little piece of insulation felt(not fiberglass/Real felt) and shove in the hole, and have ran settings all the way to 3 and 3/4 it's never budged, but the little peice of felt is just added assurance. Of course if you have the extended fuel screw, that won't work.

kindacheesy , but it works

yep, vm28/486 is one you need.

I believe they sell them right here at the TT store :)

Thanks, but Been there done that... They are out of stock with no predicted restock date. :)

Thanks! I'll see if I can find one! :)

Could it be VM28/486? I can't seem to find any VM28/286 or is it just a rare bird? :)

yep,thats it.

Jamola are you planning on riding off road? or just street ? The K&N filters are great for road use but for off road I would not use them :)

Right now I'm in the process of "fixing" the carb, but once that's complete, I'll be doing a little street, but mainly trail riding. I've gotta fight the urge to plunge into a few snow drifts if we get any. (Very Rare!). I didn't buy the K&N, but I'm probably gonna keep it even if I do end up spending a lot more time in the dirt (Hopefully on the bike!) :)

Gracias! :)

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