need advice on 2000 DR-Z400S

hello guys i need your advice. im getting ready to get a used 2000 DR-Z400S and was wondering what you guys think of your DR-Z's how is the power? does it wheelie easy?? how fast are they?? are they a better bike than say the old design air cooled DR-Z650??? any advice would be great and thank you!!!

i got a 00 drz-s in sept 02, it is not a used bike, it is a "new" bike. power wise, compared to the E, is a bit slacking, but with proper jetting (or install dynojet kit) will improve the response of the bike.

throw in a 47t sprocket on the rear and it will help to be a wheelie machine.

maybe other S owner will like to add in


I was coming off of a 750r ninja when I bought my "s" in 2001....I had a pretty bad sport bike accident and figured it was time to get a less insane bike.

I'll tell you...the drz is no slouch. I have done only jetting and airbox mods....stock gearing. The drz will wheely all day long for you. It won't power wheely like the ninja did in most gears...but it will get you looking at the sky in a heartbeat once your used to it.

Handling offroad is great (less the stock tires)...moderate jumping is not out of the question...overall a good bike. It could afford to go on a loose 40+lbs diet...but it was not designed to be a mx freestyle bike.

If you weigh over 180 or so may decide to do some suspension work...but that depends on how aggressive you are...stock works just fine for most trail situations.

For the price of a drz..I say go for it. :)

One thing that was not pointed out here is the "S" model has the poor suspension in 2000 and 2001. they got the good stuff in 2002. I had an '01 and sold it for an '02 and there is a world of difference off-road. on road not anything noticable.

I bought one new in 2000 and currently have 1100 km of mostly dirt riding on it. It has been ridden hard and not broken down. What more can you ask for? All stock parts are used. There is quite a bit of performance to be gained just by modifying what the bike comes with... and a dyno jet kit. The suspension will never win any awards, but it will get you around. Bottom line, no regrets, it's been a good bike. :D:):D

I've got an 03 without quite a few mods that were all quite simple to do, and I'm quite happy with it both on and off road. The most important point, as raised above, in the 00/01 have different suspension from the offroad model (DRZ-E) whereas after that point they share the offroad suspension. My D/S riding buddy has a 2000 S, we can both crank out plenty of power at top end, but riding his, the suspension is very noticeably weaker. Might be worth your while to look around for an 02/03 if you can find one.

Depends on what you are looking for. If you just want something to ride around town and hit a few easy trails, this is a good bike with good power. If you plan to do more technical offroad trail riding, I would not buy it due to the suspension & weight. I had an 01' DRZ400s and realized after spending a lot of money on mods that the suspension was way too soft for the trail riding we were doing. I had an option, spend $700 on Race Tech suspension or sell the DRZ. I sold the bike and purchased a Cannondale E440 and can't be happier. Much lighter bike, Ohlins suspension, and more power. The dealership got it dualsported and titled for me. Now I can wheelie at will, the DRZ was much tougher. If you buy the DRZ, you will need to get an aftermarket pipe and twin air filter, this alone will wake the bike up. My recommendation would be the KTM 450, it's an awesome bike and you won't have to spend a dime on mods, or find an 02/03 DRZ that has already been completely decked out or the Cannondale.

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