Badger Racing CRF450 Skidplate Review

I recently got a '04 CRF450 and went looking for a good skidplate. I really liked the SRC unit but at $140 I wanted to exhaust all other options first. I came accross the Badger Racing unit and decided to give it a try.

Looks: It looks a lot like the SRC but also has some unique features, like re-enforcing pieces that run across the front, and it has some cool looking diamond holes cut into it, plenty of ventilation, instead of all round ones.

Fit and finish: Excellent. It looks great, the welds are perfect, and it fits absolutely perfect. You bolt on an aluminum bracket to the front portion of the frame, where the stock side guards were, and then bolt the plate onto this. In the back, a bracket slides perfectly over the rear frame crossmember and two bolts hold that in place. The bolts are top notch as well. Removal and reinstallation is very quick and easy. The aluminum has a nice shiny color.

Function: This, with the SRC, are the most protective I've seen. They cover from the top down tube all the way to the rear crossmember and completely cover the lower frame rails. They also give some protection to the side cases, as it is angled up in this area.

The only negative I see is having to take it off for oil changes, but it goes on and off really easily. I'm not sure if the Manfunnel would work with it or not.

This may be overkill for some who only do moto, but for anyone who wants a lot of protection, rides desert, rides desert in rocks (is there any desert without rocks) this is a great product.

I'm not trying to knock the SRC but for $50 less I think this one is better.

Price: $90

I believe the guy is just starting out with this business, not sure but he said he should have a website up in a couple of months. If anyone would like his email or phone number let me know. From my phone and email contact, he is a very nice guy. I have pictures I can send to someone or Badger can send you some as well.

I have absolutely no affiliation with Badger Racing, just thought I'd give my honest evaluation of a reasonably priced, quality product.

Oh yeah, as a side bonus, you get a badger paw aluminum keychain as well. :)

Thanks to those who posted info on this skidplate before me or I would not have known it existed.

Although I didn't get one (I was only looking for the engine guards since I already have the WC glide plate) I spoke with Deric via email extensively concerning his product and I don't think you could find a better person to support - and a great product to boot. I've also got the pictures of the bash plate and it's one stout looking beast. And at $90 plus shipping, even moto-only guys wouldn't go wrong by getting one and the extra case protection is just a bonus. I give it two thumbs up as well. :):D

Thanks for the info. I have been in the same dilemma for about a month. I like the look of the SRC but the price was holding me back. Please post the contact information for the Badger skid plate so I can get a hold of him and order one. I also do a search and see if I can find the info.

Here's the pics of it. This thing looks awesome. I like the way it mounts on the front so you don't have to fight with a bracket if you take the skid plate off.

The only thing I don't like is you have to remove it to get the oil filter out. I'm sure with a little trimming of the wing you could fix that.




That might not be the website. :)

Thanks for posting the pics Fred. It looks even better on the bike in person.

Contact info:

Deric Herrmann

Phone: 859-760-2822

has that bike in the picture ever been ridden?

Don't know, it's not my bike. The pics are the ones Badger Racing sent me and Fred posted them here for all to see. It looks pretty clean doesn't it?

thanks for posting the info...I will have to give him a shout for one here soon. I don't like the plastic "protecting" the engine :)

Just much does it weigh? Looks incredibly strong, just thinking about the pro's and con's. Thanks for posting. Ciao JP :D :D :)

Thanks, got one ordered today and Deric was very good to work with.

It didn't feel as heavy as you might think. I didn't weigh it though so not sure of an exact amount. Hey the weight is pretty low on the bike though, so it's not much of a concern for me. :)

badger :)

I have both the SRC and the Badger plates, SRC on my sons 02 and the Badger on my 04 and my other sons 04, I feel the Badger is the better plate, if nothing else for the ease of removal, and it just look way more trick. Inside story is that Scott Summers HELPED Deric get started and design his plate, that just shows what a nice guy Scott is :)

Just received mine today :) This is a top quality at a good price. Deric was great to deal with and fun to talk to on the phone. I don't think I could have made a better decision buying a skid plate. Personally I prefer to support the small guys because they have a genuine interest in their product and the people who use them.


Protects your 450 from stumps, rocks, and cattle... :)

Update, I have now changed the oil since adding the skidplate. Without modification you have to take the skidplate off, which is what I did. It literally takes no more than about 3 minutes to take it off and put it back on. You just have to loosen the two bolts underneath on the back bracket and remove the two front bolts and it's off. The back bracket just slides on and off of the rear crossmember. Not a hassle at all.

Again, I think this is the best full coverage skidplate available right now, period. :)

what is the phone number? :)

It's a few posts up, but here it is again.

Contact info:

Deric Herrmann

Phone: 859-760-2822

Holy cow, that thing looks Medieval! All you need is a set for your legs, chest, and forearms and you're in business!

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