11 yz450f vs. rmz purchase

I currently ride a 08 yz250f that I never thought turned that great in the ruts. I was looking to get an 08-12 rmz450 but there really aren't a lot of used rmz's in my area. The main reason I'm looking into the rmz is all the hype on their ability to make you feel like a pro in the corners (my weakness). Here is the thing I just found a mint cond. 2011 yz450f that is a garage queen for $3500. The best rmz I've found has 55 hrs and has been run pretty hard for $3k. Is the handling that great on the rmz that I should pass on this yz450f and wait for an rmz that might not come along at such a good deal?? By the way I've never ridden an rmz or a newer yzf for that matter. I posted this in the suzuki forum but thought id give the yami guys a chance to respond on the 2011 model.

What type of riding are you going to do (woods, trails, moto, HS, etc.)? 

Moto only

You will end up spending $1500 to rebuild the top end on that RMZ while the Yamaha is still hammering away...put some Windham/RM bend pro-taper bars on the YZF, open the throttle as soon as you enter the turn and the YZF will corner with anything out there.

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