number plate and coolant draining?!

does the RM number plate work on the S model? also, is there a coolant drain plug somewere down there? i dont wanna pull the skid plate unless i have too. i cant run antifreeze so i need to change it for water and water wetter.

The RM Plate works, but you have to relocate/eliminate the speedo/trip computer and ignition switch. You will also have to fabricate two brackets, one for the two tabs at the bottom of the plate and one for the screw that holds it on at the top.

In my opinion, if you're willing to give up your speedo; it's worth it. It looks way better than these NASA aftermarket lights people are using on thier moon traveling bikes.

good luck,


The coolant drain plug is on waterpump just below where hose attatches..

When refilling be sure to loosen air bleed screw on top of left radiator..

I have a 99 RM # plate I will sell you for 10 bucks or even some beer. :) Let me know. (Its white)

:canada:stinkin canucks get their own flag :D :D

that'd be cool. ill email you. PM's dont always work for me.

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