250F bikehauler

Hi, I'm going to be 16 here real soon and I will have my license, and was wondering what the best bikehauler is for the price. I was thinking a cube van or a cargo van, but i'm not really sure. I don't like trucks that much because of limited space, and I have like a $2,000 budget. What do you guys use? Thanks

I use my 2003 ford ranger :D

But if I were you i would get a truck and save for a trailor with runners on it. That is a great way to load and unload your bike real quick and it is real easy to tie it down. not to mention it wont scratch up the bed of your truck. Just my openion... Best of luck! :)

You say you dont like trucks but for the price a 4cyl 2wd Ford Ranger or Chevy S-10 will haul you and your bike around just fine. Should be able to pick up one for $2000 that still has life in it.

A cargo Van would work nice too. But finding a good one for $2000 might be iffy.

Love the picture Don! You look just like the guy on TV just before he got his eyebrow shaved off!

When I was 16 we had a snowmobile trailer that I put some inexpensive wheel chocks on. I looked at the rail trailers but you couldn't haul anything else on them. You should be able to find used snowmobile trailers pretty cheap in another couple of months. New ones are around a grand or so. Put a lockable pick up tool box on the trailer for storage. I saw one 2 years ago that has a rack built over 2 50 gallon water tanks that has pick up tool box above the water tanks. Big trailer--held 6 bikes and other stuff.

One of my freinds is selling a 1991 Ford F-150 4x4 V8 8' bed auto trans for around $1,500.00. It does have some rust in all the typical Ford spots, but a good runner. Kalamazoo area. Vans are pretty nice too and some have been done up really sweet. Get the extended cargo vans. You can put a trailer RV water tank in the middle, put a bed above it, a wall aft of it, and still fit 2 bikes, maybe 3 in the back, plus tools and gear and pressure washer and gas cans. But I wouldn't want that for my primary vehicle.

Is this going to be your primary source of transportation? If so, I would go with a truck or an SUV then buy a trailer. Vans offer a little extra security by being able to lock bike inside, but for daily transportation, bulky to drive.

I have a tahoe with a landscape trailer. I have used that trailer for everything, furniture hauling, dirt/landscaping, garbage and most importantly, a bike hauler. The only drawback is the poor bike gets wet if raining out :)


I have a mitsubishi L200 double cab ute. 2.5 diesel, does 700km on 50litres of diesel (about $35 to fill here). plenty of room in back seat for all my/our gear, drives like a car and can fit 2 bikes on the back easily.

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