Shorty Levers???

I grew up using DeHandler levers and have always prefered short levers. Anyone know what is available in shorties for the Drz"s".Thanks, JK :D:)

I made my own shorties,I just kept falling down and breaking them untill they were about the right length. :)

I buy a nice lever and cut it down with saw and smooth out the ends on a sander and wire wheel. My levers are all about half length. Im not sure who makes an off the shelf short lever.

Also while your at it put a notch in the back side of the lever halfway from the end to the base. This way if you fall it breaks there, and not at the base and you still have a lever to get you back to the truck :)

I put a RM clutch lever on mine - good bit shorter than stock. I had to file it a little bit to make it pull correctly, the perch on the RM is a little more rounded, only took about 5 minutes to make it work right. The brake lever is stock, you dont pull that back to the grips so you can only use 2 fingers if you want with the stock one. :) And the RM levers should be on the wall at any large dealer - I paid $7.95 for mine - in stock :D

Thanks for the info...I'm on it as soon as I can get to the shop. :):D :D

Shorty levers give you a strong grip. Which is good when your at home, alone and bored. :)

A few good falls on some rocky trails plus a little work with a straight file will fix you right up for some fine looking shorties.

Cutting the stock levers and rounding off the ends has worked out great for me. Especially with the Acerbis Rally Pro guards, which always seem to catch the full size stock levers unless they are adjusted *perfectly*, which of course lasts till the next crash.

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