Garmin GPS-76S or GPS-V

The GPS 76S and GPS V cost about the same, but which one? How about the GPSmap 76, it's cost a little less? Anybody used both, which one would you buy?

I'm been lost many tims but just did not know it at the time. I'm glade the sun still sets in the West :)

The antenna on the GPS V has me worried about getting broken off. And do I realy need all the menory of the 76s and the V. I ride mostly back country dirt roads and any trail I find are can make where I wont get shot at. Ride an average of 120+ miles round trip.

I've had the 76S for a year now. The best street price that I've currently found is $299.00. 24 mg's of memory is alot, but it comes in handy when downloading maps of areas you intend to ride. Other units like the Magellan have a memory stick that hold even more memory. The GPS V is a popular unit and Cycoactive was selling them cheap a couple months ago.

Now, let me give you my biased opinion. I started out 4 years ago with an e-trex. The yellow one, costs about $100.00. About the only thing this unit does is leave a bread crumb trail for you to follow back, but no mapping. So you cant see roads, trails, lakes, towns, etc. 2 years ago, I upgraded to the Vista. It was $400.00. It did everything, mapping, map storage, lots of track storage, barometer, compass. On the topic of compass, alot of people assume the units all have a compass. They dont, you have to be moving for the units without a compass to give you a compass heading. On the more expensive units you have an active compass that points even when standing still. This feature comes in handy when map reading and plotting after you've got lost, I know! The Garmin V does not have an active compass. Anyway, I liked the Vista, but had problems with the power supply cutting out when on batteries. I was able to exchange and upgrade with the retailer. GPS Geek Dan suggested the 76S. I couldnt be happier. The 76S is rugged, durable, hearty, fully featured and then some. The 76S has the best resolution, crisp clear screen and graphics, plus it's larger and easy to read on the trail. I use it for boating also. I loaned my 76S to Rob Barnum (see his site and read his bio on the TT homepage)this year to map the Baja 1000, he used it for a month down there and then 2 days after he got back I rode 500 miles on the LA-B-Vegas dualsport. I talked with the Touratech factory rep at the Long Beach Cycle Show last month. I told him I had the mount his company makes. He went into this story about the 76S and how it was built and designed to be marketed to the military. He loved the unit, and he doesnt sell them or work for Garmin, but he knows GPS.

While I'm rambling, heres a benefit of having a GPS of any make. THis past Saturday my friend showed up to go riding. I wasnt ready but he was loaded up with the bikes and ready to ride. Another friend was allready 60 miles away at the turn off waiting for us. I decided not to go. So, I gave my GPS to my friend after putting the pointer on the exact spot where I ride. I told him how to read the coordinates so he could relay them to the guy waiting 60 miles away. On the drive there, he called the friend, gave him the coordinates, and arrived at the exact same spot as him an hour later. Neither of them had been to this spot before! Now my friend has been plying the internet looking for his own 76S. He says he felt more confident about exploring more and riding farther. At $299.00 I'd get the fully featured 76S, you will appreciate the features and memory as you learn the units functions. I paid $400.00 a year and a half ago. :) The 76S is waterproff and even floats! Go to the GPS store website

and read the ratings and details of the handheld units. It's very informative. Dan speaks highly of another site, but I cant remember the name, the guys are very knowledgeable there as well.

Thinks for all the info Kiethco. :)

I have been searching and reading every thing I can about the 76S and V.

I do have a question, does the bright sun light ever make where you cant read the screen?

Keithco - What's your impression of the new 60CS (due out soon)? Do you think it's worth waiting for?

I've never had a problem reading my 76S in the daylight, the display is one of the top features. And at night it's even better, real bright when wired into your bike. I dont know much about the 60cs, but what I've read I like. Lots of memory, and a color screen, plus most of the same features as the 76S. Would I buy a 60cs? Yes! I asked about the color screen when I was shopping, all the salespoeple said the same thing, it takes too much memory and it would cost too much. They were right, the unit is expensive. So is a laptop computer, but over half of all pc's sold are laptops. I think Garmin should donate a 60cs to me and let me field test it for 90 days! Flynall told me about the 60cs and will probably have one soon. If you're undecided, I'd wait for his field test, and I've heard about the field he rides in!(yikeys)

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