randsberg / mojave

i posted on crf450 as well. years back i rode at cal city, randsberg etc. i want to take my son into randsberg ride all morning lunch then ride in afternoon. i got a couple of suggestion as to where to stage. any ideas about this area. i would like to take him to the mine/tunnel.

Just saw this after I posted on your CRF 450 post. Here it is. I camp and ride in Cal City a lot and I would suggest anywhere off of 20 Mule Team Road (between Cal City and 395). Camp B is located in this area on the north side. You could really camp anywhere in this area and be fine and have privacy if you choose. Silver Saddle (I think that's the name) resort is in this area and may help as a landmark on the map. Plenty of marked trails on the north side which will help to get you to Randsburg. Like Buzzard said, watch out for mine shafts out there, especially the closer you get to Randsburg. Good luck and have fun.

I know this is an older post but I'll answer anyway.

As you go through Cal City take 20 Mule Team Rd. to Esse Rd. (there is a water tank on the left about ½ mile before Esse) Turn left here and park anywhere that works for you on this road.

The Mine?

I assume you're talking about the big wood structure that used to be a mine with all of the deep pits around it. To the east of where you parked is the Red mountains. On the west side of them is the big structure. It's about 25 miles from where you parked so what I'd do is to keep the Mojave Rand road on my left and ride to the top of every other mountain till you see the structure off in the distance. Look east and slightly south. (It looks like a hole from far away). Watch out for the unmarked mines- some have little posts as indicators and some don't.

IF you're talking about the big mine that's still working.

Off of Mojave Rands Rd. There will be a left (North) turn onto either 43 or 47. Take one.

They will take you into the Rand Mountains. There should be a kiosk as you enter the main park with maps. IF there aren't any both 20 and 30 (going east) will get you within seeing distance of the mine. It's not much to see but there ya go.

Good luck and take a GPS because it's VERY easy to get lost out there.

IF you get lost remember that the Majove-Rand Road will get you back to Cal City if you go west.


great info.thanks...it's not and old post by the way.

Sorry I saw the reg. date and thought........or didn't think.

Have fun that's a great place to ride. :)

I live in Ridgecrest... just up the street from Randsburg. If you want to go riding with me and some friends this weekend, send me a PM.


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