water pump leak??

Just bought a '04 CRF 450 and can't ride it because it is cold and there is too much snow. However I have put aobut 30 minutes on it riding in the street. Today when I started it up there was coolant leaking out of the check hoel on the bottom of the water pump..Is it possible, as the manual suggests that the water pump seal is damaged and needs replaced on a brand new machine?


take it back to the dealer and insist that they replace it for you.

After a year or so on my 02 it happened and a buddy of mine helped me fix the water pump seal...or should I say replace the water pump seal. Not that big of a deal...but if your's is new then I would make the dealer do it...or at least inquire.

If it's a good dealer they will replace it, I know mine would.

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