Electric Starter Problem with 2005 WR450

When the bike is cold (I don't mean cold cold, just sitting in garage in SoCal), the electric starter won't turn the motor fast enough to start it. I hold the starter button down and it sounds like it turns half a turn then stops, then turns a half turn then stops. I have a fully charged battery. I have tried with a fully charged yausu (sp) and a fully charged after market. I have checked electrical connections at both battery connections, where the system is grounded to frame and the connection on the starter. Neither pos or neg wires from battery get hot. Once I have the bike started (kicking or kicking with starter button depressed) and it is warmed up, I can shut it down and the electric starter will spin the motor fast enough to start (like it is supposed to do all the time). What should I check next? Is there a way to check resistance through the stater motor to verify it is OK? Please Advise.

Probably one of things:


Starter motor is stressed/wearing out

Decomp system on exhaust cam lost a spring or is pin is stuck partially 

You have really bad connections to the starter/poor current. Try jump starting right to the starter from a car battery (do this first)

Your battery is not a good as you think it is. You could try an amperage test under load to see if you get 9amps minimum.

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