Mick Doohan

Good morning all,

My wife, Georgie, is a flight attendant with Ansett here in Australia. She was in Tasmania the weekend before last. Whilst having dinner at one of the restaurants in Launceston with the flight crew, she just so happened to be sitting next to the real legend of mototcycling. Yes, the 5 time (in succession) world 500cc GP hero, Mick Doohan. He was racing in the Targa Rally around Tasmania. A 6 day car race on some of the finest roads in the world. :)

In any case, she called me and told me that she was sitting next to him. I proceeded to inform her that she had my permission to sleep with him... :D If she did not, I would leave her... :D... Just Kidding. But, she did sit with him, speak with him, had a few drinks and, best of all, had him sign the following...." To Motard Mitch. Best Wishes. mich Doohan..." :D

I will scan the message and signature some time this week and forward it to you guys. Bryan, Kev, Bill, I am sure you guys would appreciate this.

In any case, she says he is a really nice guy, easy to speak to. Oh, by the way, he asked her if she would be interested in being a flight attendant on his private Jet.... YEEHAAAAA......


Hey Mitch,

Mick must have had a few wines under his belt if he signed it Mich Doohan

Ah yes, the ole, "flight attendent" trick, hehehe, hahaha, seriously though, That is awesome, I would have asked him to sign my, well anything. Congrats


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