KX125 Kicker Mod Pic!!!

This is courtesy of 314 Fotos.

At the Forth Worth AX race

it must be helping or the race teams wouldn't switch it out


The mod has worked great for me. I like those green anodized rims, wonder where you could get some just like them?

Um...where is the link to the pic? I dont see it?


I like those case gaurds too! :)

What year kx125 kicker. Got a friend that has somes "older model" kicker, not sure what year. Do they all work?

I used one from a 2000 model. not sure about anything older

What does the mod do?

where did you get that pic

314 Fotos

it gives you a much shorter kickstart lever makes it easier to get your foot on the lever and spins the motor faster when you kick. I love mine

I am definately gonna try this mod. I struggle to start my bike and often stand on the side of the trailer to get enough height to kick it. Was thinking of trying the kickstarter from a 97/98 KDX 200, not sure if it will be right or not

Do you need to change anything else on the bike or do you just put the kickstart lever on and kick and away you go?

you leave the knuckle for the KXF on the kickstart output shaft and put just the lever from the KX on. Be careful not to lose the spring and detent ball inside the lever or the lever will flop around. I think the KDX lever is almost as long as the stock KXF lever, if my memory serves me correctly.

Someone mentioned they used a 2000 KX-125 lever, have

they changed them or would a 2003 or 2004 lever work?

I agree the extra leverage of the stocker is not needed for this bike at all, this sounds like a good mod.


The KDX's kickstarter is huge...

Also check and see if BBR makes a Billet kickstarter that is shorter, or just a normal one :)

I guess even 4-stroke header pipes get rock dents.

I guess even 4-stroke header pipes get rock dents.

I think you will find its the stock header and those marks are from removing the heat sheild

Are we sure that the 2000 model fits,as the dealer near me is not that helpful as i would like to buy a new one. :) --------------------------------------------- 2004 KXF250 P/C water/oil cover,full travel susp mods,0.42kg f/springs,4.25kg rear,M401+402 tyres,BUD topclamp+RC black twinwalls

Yes the 2000 model KX125 fits. It is what I installed on my bike. You cannot use the knuckle off the 125 , but the lever fits righ on the KX250F knuckle like it was made for it. The Kawasaki pn is 13064-1189 and it fits the 1999 thru 2001 KX125, and the 2004 KX250F :)

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