Which case saver

Which case saver do you recommend for a 2009 yz450f?

Does UPP or Zip Ty make them.......


Guess everyone is using the factory OEM saver!

Interesting things, "case savers".  About the only way they can truly save a case is if they do their real job, which is to keep the chain on the front sprocket under deceleration.  As much slack as it is necessary to have in the chain with the long travel rear suspension, and with the chain's tendency to arch upward over the front sprocket under engine braking at times, the "chain guide", as Yamaha refers to the device, is there to contact the rollers and guide the chain back down onto the sprocket. 


Regardless of how strong the "case saver" might be, it is still attached to the same two 6mm holes on the crankcase.  These will simply be ripped away if you drop a master link or break the chain and wad it up in the front, so nothing is truly saved, most of the time anyway. 


I run the OEM part without the outer sprocket cover.

Thanks,I've heard this from others also.

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