Hangover scrambles

:) Did you race that one?

I had a blast. I dont know whats worse the 2 feet of mud in 03 or the packed snow and ice this year. It was so crazy the only people getting traction were running studs.

I REALLY wanted to do it this year, but I was unprepared; Still need new front tire after the 24 hr race and no studded tires. I suppose I was also lacking motivation too. I've missed it two yrs running now. :) I'll bet the conditions this year were just horrible!


How did you do?

I finished. A few crashed and a seperated rib. I didnt stay to see the results. I am waiting for they to be on the web site.

I got 8th in the 250 am. I was going to race the Vet class, but due to the snow i was late getting to Washougal.

hangover was a blast this year.cant quite justify the $500.oo for the trellborgs tho. :)

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