taller 5th gear on a 400?

Ok, I do a lot of highway on my commute to work and was wandering if there is anybody out there that does a taler 5th gear configuration for a 2002 XR400. I like the gearing I've got, but would like to have just a taller 5th so I'm not ringing it's guts out when I'm running late. Actually, I wish I had a 6th gear.

I would be one of the first ones to buy either the taller 5th, or the 6-speed conversion, but it's not out there. This is one on the little faults in the XR400, but if that's it, I'll live with it. Change the sprockets for your road trips, is about all I can recommend. Put a 16 up front, but you'll have to remove the case saver, as mentioned on another thread!

Or you could go with a 42 tooth rear and leave the case saver alone.

LOL! I have taken both of your advice. I've been running a 16/42, but with 17" wheels. I've been looking at a TRX400EX's transmission and the fith gear it uses on the main/counter shaft are 26/26 where the XR uses 25/25. I'm comtiplating if those will fit and then make any difference. :)

What tire are you running? What do you think your RPM's are on your journey, can't be that high, or are you really treeing up the pavement?

I'm running Pirilli Diablos. I don't know what my rpm's are but I don't like going over 75 with my current gearing. It'll do a hair over 100, but I would like it to work a little less at higher speeds when I commute.

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