wr450 rear 18" on a 10-13 Yz450F

Hi Guys, I've been reading a lot on the net but cant get a definite answer on this subject, even my local Yamaha dealer cant help me out.


I'm wanting to buy a complete factory 18" rim with hub/spokes for a WR450F to fit my 2011 yz450f, am I correct in thinking that by fitting my YZ bearings and seals and axle spacer to the WR hub that it will fit.?


Im sure they both use the same Hub but different Dia bearings but im not 100% sure, buying a complete black Excel WR450 wheel with hub, spokes and disc rotor is nearly the same price as a bare rim and spokes to fit my YZ Hub.


I know the rear axle changed in 2009 on the YZ but it has stayed the same on the WR the whole way thru, the wheel assembly im looking at buying fits a 03-13 WR450.


Cheers for any help.

If it fits an '03-'11 WR450, it won't fit your bike.  That hub uses a 22mm axle, while your uses a 25.  There are no bearings available with a 25mm ID that will fir the older hub.

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