2001 WR 250 F sor sale

you YZ guys are bigger but this might be

a nice wifes bike:

Nice 2001 WR 250F for sale, about 60 hours(or less) of beginner type riding on it. YZ pipe,

YZ timing, Grey Wire Cut, Throttle Stop cut.

Green stickered, and new in August.

Renthal bars $4800 OBO (reasonable)

Email at guggyp@msn.com


I can send pics and have my local dealer go

over bike and give opinion if you want a 3rd party


Ask for Paul

Old guy,

I could trade you a 00' 520sx or a 00' 426f.

Both are in perfect,stock condition with low hours. I probably ride 8-12 times a year and I

think the 250 would better suit me.

I live near Asheville,NC and could drive if interested.



I used to love Ridgecrest.

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