anybody ever use this?

no, its for girly sized men :D

men under 220 lbs :D

when they make it for big boys, I'll try it :)

no, its for girly sized men

men under 220 lbs

when they make it for big boys, I'll try it


Need to shed a few pounds? Bust a couple of ribs, sure cuts down on the trips to the fridge :thumbsup:I've lost a pound a day since busting mine.

I bought one. I love it. Being an Emergency room nurse, I tend to side with caution. Seen my fair share of motorcycle carnage. What sold me on the skeletal tools vest is the protection to the clavicle, and kidney area. This was the only vest that seems to give adequate protection in those areas.

Unfortunately I tend to ride alone (difficult to find people to ride with on my free time, weekday). I try and reduce my chance of injury, by riding conservatively and wear the best safety armor I can find.

Additionally I ride with a chest protector and a 661 collar. My worse fear I life is to is to become a quadriplegic

What is your impression of over all quality? I figured I wear it under my jersey with a chest protector over the rest. I also have the collar. I'm going to get the shorts as well. I would also like one for my daughter, she rides horses in Hunter/Jumper competition. can you move as well as they say on their web site?

Unfortunately I tend to ride alone

I just got hurt on my own property, if I was alone somewhere, I would have been in a world of trouble. You carry a cell phone?

An answer to your questions,

-Quality was good

-Yes, I do ride with a cell phone; consistently monitor the reception to make sure I’m not in a ‘dead zone’.

Additionally I ride with padded shorts. Have been very happy with the Bohn. Excellent quality. A bit expensive at $85. I’ve seen the 661 advertised for $45.

So far never really needed all this armor, but I feel a bit safer with it on.

Just an idea, it was dissussed in the past was to look a hockey vests. They tend to be bullet proof, give excellent rib protection, and cost way less than motorcycle equipment. (Not much chance of tiring on hockey equipment in Hawaii)

Yep, I got one too. I also got the shorts. So far, I really like it. :D I am 6' 205 lbs. and the X-Large fits snug on me. If I was just a little bit fatter it might be a problem getting it zipped up. :D The material does stretch though. Renegade, did a nice write up on it somewhere. Maybe someone can find it and post it here.



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