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5 best upgrades

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i've had my 2003 stock uncorked xr650r for 5 months now,

this year i would like to start adding upgrades.

what's the 5 best upgrades should i start with. (dont wont to spend my life savings though).



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My 5 best upgrades that come to mind right now are as follows, but they are not in any order of importance.


1) Tires

2) Correct weight fork/shocks prings, correct sag, etc.

3) Gearing, specifically a 13T front sprocket

4) IMS Pro Pegs

5) Uncorking mods (jets, intake, HRC tip, etc)


1) z-Start auto clutch

2) Edelbrock pumper carb

3) Steering damper

4) Larger fuel tank

5) Pro Taper bars with triple clamp that raised the bars & moved them forward (this might change as I'm planning to try the Fasst flex bars later this month)

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If you are a motard guy then just delete this-

Phase One:

1) Street legalize it.

2) Fine tune suspension for your weight/conditions

3) Bigger Tank

4) Uncork it

5) Get correct jetting for your bike/area

After that you have a :D fun, easier-starting, fast, reliable dual sport bike with a long range that can get on paved roads once in awhile for a trip to the gas station. After a year or so you will have mastered the thing and maybe be ready for something more....

Phase Two

1) Steering dampner

2) Fat Bars

3) Wide Foot Pegs

4) Re-gear it for your type of riding

5) Protective aluminum for disc, engine

Now you have a bike that is really comfortable, much more fun to ride, confidence building--and you can even try racing it 'C' class at the local off-road event. :D

Phase 3

1) Pumper Carb

2) 200 Watt Stator

3) Pipe and Header

4) Cut out air filter cover

5) Cam

Now you have a SERIOUS off road bike-still reliable, but plenty fast and furious. Its the King of the desert, and it roars.

Phase 4

1) HD Crank, Rod, Valves, and 12:1 Piston

2) Oversize front brake

3) 2 x 8" HID lights

4) Dump Tank

5) Oil Level Site Tube

Now you have Johnny Cambells Team Honda Off-Road Baja 1000 Race Bike! Get a copy of the Baja Atlas. Enter the 1000, find some good 'short cuts' !!!!!! just like the pros :)

of course--there is a phase 5...

1) 10 gallon Acerbis fuel tanks

2) 1 liter water tank

3) fairing with road book and GPS mount

4) rear tail light

5) Michelin Desert tires with mousse

Get your passport out, its time to race the Dakar!


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as soon as i win the lotto, everyone on here gets sponsored for any kind of racing they want...i'm renovating my old house--maybe theres buried treasure? OK- its not gonna happen. Sell a kidney and order those 40 litre fuel tanks...? Maybe pimpnit has something goin? :)

I hear ya on the need for some serious sponsorship--

for sure Dakar is the greatest expression of mankind...

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Dakar is the greatest expression of mankind...


I just put on some IMS pro pegs........well worth the $$$. Makes the bike feel much lighter and handle better.

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