YZ 450F '08 - rear hub bearing seat repair

Hi everyone
I`ve just registered on thumpertalk, but I`m reading the forum since I bought my YZ450F '08 (april 2013)
I`m from Poland... a poor, stupid country in Europe ;)
I`m in progress of a total rebuilt of my bike, so have to deal with several issues. One of them is my rear wheel hub bearing seats are busted and I have to repair them somehow. The sprocked-side one is total crap, the brake disc-side is in better shape although cracks in the hub bearing seat are visible.
Let`s take into consideration the sprocked-side due to it`s fatal condition. The hub seat ID=50 mm. The stock bearing`s dimensions are: 50x22x14 mm (bearing id number = 62/22-2RS)
Repair options:
1. welding the worn seat using TIG-welding; making a new seat on a lathe to meet the correct dimensions
2. cut (on a lathe) the hub bearing seat to make the surface smooth, cutting as less hub`s material as possible. making a correct sleeve for the bearing out of steel or aluminum to eliminate the gap.
a ) weld the aluminum sleeve to the hub (fillet weld)
b ) glue the sleeve to the hub using a some sort of a powerful Loctite
3.  fit an oversized bearing - cut the ID of the bearing hub to 52 mm for an oversized 52x22x15mm bearing and fabricate the interbearing spacer [2*] to a proper length, fit a proper oil seal [5*] and adjust the dimensions of collar assay [20*]
4. Since we know that the ’09 YZ450F has 3 bearings in it`s rear wheel – 1 for the brakedisk side and two for the sprocket side… Maybe welding the worn seat using TIG and fabricating the hub to fit two (one after another) 50x22x14 bearings to reinforce the hub`s sprocket side and eliminate the problem for a lifetime?
*When referring to part numbers [X*] I used this parts catalogue:
2008 YZ450F http://yamaha-sklep.pl/userfiles/pdf/47_1348569594.pdf - page 53 rear wheel section
other models available here http://yamaha-sklep.pl/produkt/pdf/433/yz450f
so what do you recommend? thx for the input

and as I know - you all love pictures, so here are some :)
- sprocket side
brake disk side

my yz450


make those parts shine !!
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For $175, I think I'd just replace the hub.  But probably the simplest thing is to bore the hub for the 52mm bearings.

I`d rather try to fix the existing part..

although I`m worried if boring the hub to 52 mm may weaken it

And of course it will weaken it, but the question is whether it will weaken it too much.

tomorrow I`ll be at my friends machine shop.

I think I`ll go for welding and boring the hub to 50 mm + modifying it to fit 2 bearings on the sprocket side

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