250 lbs xr650r

hi there,

just wondering , what is the lightest weight anyone has manged to get their xr650r,

i'm sure its possible to get the xr650r sub 250 lbs, with a bit of dough spent , or am i just dreaming. :)



check out a back issue of dirt bike magazine. july or maybe august issue. there is an article in there. cool.

SO there it is. 175lbs.

Qadson- you da man, again! :)

there you have it - some may chuckle a bit ,

but that is a glimpse of the future of dirt bikes.(i should hope so)

i think researchers & developers, need to stop trying to give us a few extra ponies and then tell us its a major breakthrough.

They should be striving to build bikes that are sub 200 lbs

and that can run 500 km on a 10 litre (3 gal) tank.

the less your bike weighs the better the fuel efficiency in theory.

just imagine the adventures to be had if they could build

bikes that with 6 gal of fuel you could do a 1000 km

now thats a break through in technology. :)

How about a carbon-fiber engine XR50 (with ceramic piston) running a generator - with electric motors inside front and rear hubs--2 wheel drive electric hybrid. 100mpg. Total weight, 145 lbs. Top speed- 95mph. Roost coming off the front tire as the 50cc bike beats the CRF450 into turn one...

I totally agree. Bike design is way to incremental, and way to conservative.. We still use carburators! Fuel injection should be standard. What about that 2 wheel drive Yamaha. Why not hydraulic drive to the rear wheel as well...

point is- there are LOTS more things that could be done to bikes.

But then we'd all need masters degrees to work on them :D I agree though the developement cpabilities are endless.....but the bottom line with the big 4 (now 5) is the....bottom line. They are cashing in and with VERY LITTLE R&D. Why spend the $$ on that sort of developement when you can impress your customers with a new improved power valve? :)

yes i suppose you right,

but one thing we are forgetting , no matter how your fancy

your bike is, the one common factor from a 1920 world war 1

motorcycle to 2004 crf450 is the liquid we put into that tank.

without it, we might as well take up downhill mountainbiking

with all the greenies lobbying for new enviro laws,

the war that is raging at the moment (this is just the begining of it)in the middle east,where most of the world gets it's fuel from.

and the fact that this resource is not infinite, it will

run out oneday.

when are we going to see electric bikes, or hydro_carbon

proto types , someone out there with vision,i have no doubt

is tinkering in his workshop with these alternative and exciting fuel sources.instead of trying to squeeze out another 0.5 hp or shave 25 grams of the piston.

call me a day dreamer or a dirt bike prophet.



i agree we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. just an fyi. i heard that we only get about

10% of our oil from the middle east. max 30%.

i have a 91 xr600.......its a heavy sucka love it though

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