2014 Power

I hear lots of praise in regard to the power on this bike and I have been relatively happy with it as well. However, I'm having a little trouble getting it to do what my '11 did.


Stock - With the stock pipe, I am really happy with the low end power. Really smooth, predictable power that is easy to manage. On top however, it falls flat too early. I have tried a number of maps and some help, but ultimately I am left wanting more. 


Yoshimura - I threw on a Yoshimura slip on and was immediately impressed. Power was up everywhere by quite a bit. The problem with this pipe is that now that smooth, predictable power down low is gone, replaced with a rather abrupt and somewhat inconsistent feel. Up top is much improved and as it is much stronger and pulls for what seems like forever, but it comes at a price. 


On my '11, the Yoshi slip on I had on that bike provided what I believe the perfect 450 power. Strong, smooth power that was easy to manage and pulled forever up top. I may be chasing a ghost, but I have to believe I can get that with this bike.


Any others having the same experience? Has anyone found a settings with either of these pipes that does what I am looking for?

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