honda style front brake cable?

I was wondering if anyone else has heard or has remembered reading an article on the how to's on re routing your new front brake cable like a honda. Since honda patent on the design is up? Just thought i would ask. I have been looking for it everywhere but can't seem to find it. Thanks

I got mine from "fastline" cables. I love it.


You need to buy a kit. Not even Yamaha has changed the routing yet.

The stock brake line is to long to route it Honda style, you need an aftermarket line. Ride Engineering makes a hose for either the stock WRF set-up(long enough to go over a headlight or a YZF style if you are running a front number plate(and won't be using a headlight again). :)

I have the ride engineering set up and it is nice to be able to leave the headlight on and route it like a stock WR up above the triple clamps. It is a big improvement and works very well. :)

Hey thanks a lot for the info, i ordered it the other day, hopefully it will work. I have looked everywhere for this thing, but i could not find it. Thanks again :)

I had to use an actual Honda line for my YZF.

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