Rough cost on pumper?


Am trying to source a pumper carb in the US, and being from Asutralia this is a bit tough. Having a little trouble finding someone over here with them, and thus far the parts from the states have been way cheaper. Given my two young kids and wife monster, that is a good thing. What roughly are the Mikuni's and Kehins worth new??? So far I have a price of $600 for the FCR which seems a bit high...

Oh yeah, the crankcase vent on my bike looks pretty decent, about 20mm (4/5 inch) outer size from the top of the case to the inlet. Is this really restrictive, it seems pretty well sized to my limited intelligence.....


The cheapest place I've found for the Mikuni pumper carbs is

Here in the USA, the KLX300 crankcase breather hose has a restrictor inserted in the hose. That is the main cause of low air flow.

Ride on


Thanks Brew,

Those prices seem much more reasonable. You were right about the hose, mine had the restrictor too. Not any more!

Thanks again for your help,


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