Honda Code

Hi All,

Honda parts numbers are like 45351-MN9-020.

I think that MN9 in this Pn, points to a specific bike model

Anyone knows where can i find a list of that matches these codes with the specific model bike?

MN9= ???




Try asking that at the Yahoo site. They are smarter than we are! :)

Check web page for Honda Codes for those codes.

I'm in Peru and I ride an XR250. It's made only for the Japanese market, with e-start, dual desert lights, fancy trail computer, etc.

Used bikes of this XR variety get exported a lot from Japan, but it has quite a few parts that the XR250-R, the US model does not have. So, to get spare parts is at times really hard.

Q1: Any suggestions what has worked for you in Brazil to gets parts?

Q2: Have you maybe seen any XR250-Baja riding around? In case you do, maybe you can put me in contact with these guys so we can help each other in the spare part hunt.


JungleRider ('96 XR250-Baja)

Go to service honda's website. They have the schems and part numbers to match.

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