Tech 5's

I know it will be easier to ask you guys than try and find it on my own.

I have a pair of Tech 5's I just cann't part with. I need new sole inserts and don't know where to find them. Not a complete resole just the replaceable part under the arch of your foot.

Anyone know where they are? :)

I checked their web site and it provided no info for Tech 5 or boot replacement parts. I would go to a dealer that sells Alpinestars and ask them to contact the sales rep with your request! Sorry I wasn't more help. Good luck.

I lied. Go to Roky Mountain ATV. Look under Boot Accessories for Alpinestars. It looks like for $35.00 you get the whole sole with the insert in it. You may be able to call them and request the insert only!!

They are the same inserts that the Tech 6's and 8's use. Good luck getting it to stick well, I've done my right one twice and had a cobbler reseal it once, and it still is starting to peel. May be better off doing the whole sole.

The soles kit w/inserts will fit all M-3, M-4, Tech-2, Tech-3, Tech-4, Tech-5, Tech-6, M-6, Tech-7, and Tech-8 boots. The inserts will only fit the Tech-5, Tech-6, M-6, Tech-7, and Tech-8. Of course, if you resole any of the other above mentioned boots with the sole w/inserts kit then the inserts will fit those too. Here's the part number breakdown:

Soles w/inserts size 5 part# TECH-16

Soles w/inserts size 6-7 part# TECH-17

Soles w/inserts size 8-9 part# TECH-19

Soles w/inserts size 10-11 part# TECH-21

Soles w/inserts size 12-13 part# TECH-22

Soles w/inserts size 14-16 part# TECH-24


Inserts only size 5-8 part# TECH-15

Inserts only size 9-15 part# TECH-33



Thanks alot.

Are those part numbers Alpinestar numbers ? Can I get them direct from A star or thuogh Rocky mountian?

Those are Parts Unlimited part numbers. You can order them from any one of your local dealers and have them in a day or two.


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