Finally got a CRF250!!

Finally!! Just picked up a new CRF250! I got the bike home and it looked even better in my garage. I paid a little more than i would have with the Kawi Suz or Yam but i think it is worth it. I haven't taken the bike for a real ride yet. Does anyone have any suggestions of things i should do to this bike. I would appreciate any feedback of anyone who has had any experience with this bike. Thanks

Read set-up tips above...........congrates!

Get yourself a Zip-ty FS extension and go ride.

It's a must. I've seen these stock bikes in action.

They kick ASH! STOCK!

Do not idle it during break-in or you could not have a good ring seat like mine did and it will smoke, you only have one shot at breaking in the rings. Don't baby it. You need to change the oil every three tanks of fuel cause it only holds 27 OZ. The intake valves will probably be tight and need to be shimmed, do it after three tanks, and I use 100 LL avgas at only $2.40 per gal. to be sure that the octane is ALWAYS a minimum of 92. Take out the flame arrestor and get a backfire twin air filter, jet it according to the chart in the manual. Get a D.I.D. X ring chain when you perform the valve check as the OEM will be stretched beyond use. And again watch the oil very close as this engine has very low tension rings and at high rpm it will use oil. You have purchased the ultimate machine, congratulations, it is going to blow you away.

Get yourself a Zip-ty FS extension and go ride.

Do you have to remove the carb to access the screw, or do I need a super-mini screwdriver? None of my screwdrivers fit!

Check out the Zip Ty:

Zip Ty FS Install

Thanks...why didn't I think to loosen the carb boots? :)

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