Pipe Guard for 04 CRF 450

I saw a CRF 450 with the pipe guard painted Honda Red the other day, does anyone know if that painted pipe guard can be purchased or was it painted by the Owner of the CRF? If it was painted by the Owner, what type of paint was used? Let me tell ya, that pipe guard looked COOL.

I'd like to find one that wraps around the front of the pipe more. My boot sometimes gets caught on the stock guard.

SWEED32 has his painted red, I forget what type of paint he uses. Send him a PM and I'm sure he will tell you. I do remember him mentioning that he has to repaint it from time to time due to it getting scratched.

This company makes rap around pipe guards. E-Line

thanks... just ordered one. Very nice people on the phone. I'll post thoughts after I get it.

Here is what I would recommend if you were planning on painting the stock pipe guard.

Sand blast existing coating off.

Primer with Zinc Chromate.


Zinc Chromate was developed by the military. It is camouflage green in color and can be purchased at personal aircraft supply houses. Zinc Chromate is the best product I have seen for maintaining paint to super hot material including Aluminum. I first started using it when overhauling Rolls Royce engines for P51 Mustangs and have used it on several engines (and types of metal) since with very good success.

Now with all that said, if I was going to go through the trouble, I would probably anodize it instead of painting.

Anyone know of maybe an aluminum one like the eline? I wouldn't mind a guard going around the head pipe in the front either but you can almost buy a new one for $90.

Did it look like this ?


Wait till ya see it on your bike it looks sweet! Im getting one income tax time! :)

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