Rebuild time--->valve clearances

OK, got the bike ready to pull the jug off tonight for the 04 piston. Last thing I did before calling it a night was to check the valve clearances.

Well...BINGO! They have not changed a single bit since I first checked them at 3 months old. Still in spec on all four, intakes will both take a .006" with no trouble. That's great news folks. No dirt in the intake boot, ever.

Anyway, just dropping a note to let you guys know, I will have some specs on wear on the piston, etc. after tonight I hope, my bike has at least 120hrs at this point, I suspect everything will be good :D I am re-greasing the linkage, stem, etc. while I got it all apart, not to mention a modicum of cleaning to make her shine like new again.

With a fresh 04 piston, JD jet kit, free-flowing airbox, and my Yoshimura header/Supertrapp megaphone, I am feeling the love. Should be another holeshot next race in 3 weeks. :) gonna break her in this weekend, kinda hard!

:):D :D

keith call me at work later today.....

Just did mine a few weeks ago. Rode or the first time yesterday. As you said, all my valves were in spec. As to the performance, I now must go down a tooth or two on the rear sproket. It reved out faster and was snappier. I wasn't sure about break in so I went back to regular 10-40w oil like when new. I'll ride a few more times like this before going to synthetic.

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