Baltimore AX

Who's going to the Arena Cross? I'm driving down and getting tickets on Friday for both Pro days. I Might spectate on Sunday also.

I am not going to see the pros, I am going to see the real racers, the amatuers on Sunday. :)

Seriously though, SpottedMarley and a few other guys I know are racing Sunday, so I am going to cheer those guys on.

Hey I'm going on Sunday too. What are their numbers? I need somebody to cheer on. :)

I think Spotted is 939 - YZ250

D, I'll probably go on Sunday as well. You buying tickets ahead of time?


Darryl, 939 is my number :)

His is 936 (or 926) I think. I didn't get them yet. Does anyone know if it is general seating on Sunday? I will give you a call so we can hook up and make some noise.

Scott and Darryl, let me know when you are getting your tickets so I can try to get in the same section.

For one ticket through ticketmaster the only choice given comes up as GAX1, which looks like a general admission. The cost is $16 ticket + 4.50 convenience charge + 2.50 will call. Will call means we can pick them up there?

+ the order processing charge. Man, they sure do know how to milk a guy. I just completed my order and will see you guys there.

Dress warm, it got cold in that place last year.

wow. you guys are gonna pay that much just to watch little ol' me race? :D

wait a minute.. i think i just figured it out.. you guys are paying that much to see me break my ass going over the catapalt jump! :)


yeah well i prolly won't disappoint you on that one. i have so much shit to do before next weekend it aint even funny. my bike is in PIECES!

If you go on Sunday, look for this beauty:


Common, amatuer day is like watching NASCAR - you don't go for the racing, you go for the crashes!

Besides, we'll want to capture it on tape and share it with everyone else!

BTW, you need to take a heat gun to that front fender and get rid of that white crease, its like a beautty queen with a hooked nose. :)

Take off, eh, a Canadian :D icon.



Give me a call and let's try to sit together,Me and the boys went last year, it's was fun but, cold....very, very cold. They leave the place opened up to provide ventilation for the two smokes. It had to be 30 degrees in there :)


Also, Mark and I will be racing on March 7th at the Rockets first HS.......are you game?

Darryl, you are wasting your breath. I have been telling him for months about the heat gun. I even let him borrow mine and still the creases. I think he likes them. They remind him of doing a wheelie over me and my bike at BigBlue (ouch!). Hahaha!

If its general admission why not just pay before you go in and save the money? What section are you guys sitting in? May I recomend 205 or 207 about 1/2 way up. What class are you riding in? Im going now to get my tickets for Friday and Saturday. I only live 20 min from there. :) Dont forget to lock everythin up cuz stuff disapears there!!!

They remind him of doing a wheelie over me and my bike at BigBlue (ouch!). Hahaha!

Man, I'm glad we can laugh at that now... I just remember dropping off the hill 180 and seeing both you on the ground.

Actually, didn't he get the crease in there b/c he was testing his new brake pads? :)


I might be there. Depends. My friend might be racing am. day. If he does Ill be there. Hopefully he does. It should be pretty cool to watch.

Taking my four year old on Friday night. Should be cool.


Oops, I meant Saturday night. You guys think we need to bring some ear plugs? Mom's a little worried about the little guys hearing.

Section 108, row M.

..the current crease marks are courtesy of some dumb bastard at happy ramblers coming to a stop in front of me through some mud and me flipping over him and then being run over by an RM250. my front fender was shaped like a spoon when i got up.

well if my bike isn't completely blinging this weekend, at least i should be. i ordered all new 04 Thor gear last week, I got the Charcoal/Yellow Core stuff (jersey/pants/gloves) was looking for something different - so i'll at least look good when i'm crashing out of control through a long stretch of whoops. :)

WHAT! No more freestyle gear? I see this AX stuff has gone to your head already. Hahaha

Darryl, don't forget your digi-camcorder. I am taking still pictures, but we need the full video as he nose dives into the big double. :)

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