Jet kit and Fuel Screw ordered today

I ordered the JD jet kit and Zip-Ty fuel screw today. Any advice for install?

Start with 165 main, Red needle clip #5 and zip ty at 1.5 turns for 50 - 60 degree weather at 250 feet elevation. :)

see my signature line, I love difference with the JD needle kit.

Hold on.

I was disappointed at first, couldn't notice a difference. Then I came around a corner in third, hit the gas and the front end came up like it never had before.

Unless you have a dyno, you might not feel anything at all.

I saw the diff instantly, but my jetting may have been off pretty darn far before the JD. I'm getting through revs a lot quicker, and I snapped my back fender off on my first wheelie try after the install. The directions that come with it were perfect.

The screw also has good instructions, just be careful taking out the old one. I thought I had lost the washer and o-ring but it turned out they were still in the hole. It's spiffy.

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