Looking for a cheap XR50 or CRF50

What are some of the prices you guys a paying for them? I got a OTD price of $1,363 from a Honda dealer on Corona Ca.

Is it gonna be for you. If so I wouldnt worry about getting a new one, just pick up a used off cycle trader or something cause once you start modding most of the stock stuff is gonna go.

I paid around $1,150 OTD for my daughter's 03' XR50. I think it was $1,048 + tax and transfer (whatever they call it?). No setup or crate charges. That's what I love about Montgomeryville cycle around here. It's the price plus tax and title. They don't add on 50 other charges to jack up the price.

I paid 1300 OTD in NJ for a 04 Crf 50 :)

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