Factory R&D's P-38 Lightning

Where are they available... How much are they? Ship to Canada? Anyone with any info, thanks a lot! :):D

You can get one at the Thumper Talk store but don't bother. That was for the 02 I see you have the 04. I put one on my 03 and it didn't do sqwat. I recommend the JD jetting kit along with "The Rapture" airbox mod. Those two will provide the most bang for the buck. (the airbox mod is all labor so its freeeee)

Oh, ok, where do I get a JD Jetting Kit? I will search for the Rapture Airbox mod right now. Thanks!

The TT store.

I just bought the JD Jet Kit from the TT store the Friday night after xmas and on Monday I had it in hand...this was by just regular mail even :)

Found it!

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