More new racer questions ???

I was wondering what the differences are in construction and performance(feedback,grip,durability etc) between a racing slick and a Dot or sport tire. I am running Michelin pilot sports, mostly because I got them mounted on rims with tubes for $150 for both and the rear comes in a 150 width. Are the Dots easier to learn on? Right now I'm racing motocross so I do know how to slide a motorcycle(in the dirt). I already know the racing tires are expensive. Thanks for any info.



IMO there really isn't any reason to use a DOT tire when you can use a slick.

What you will find is that for most tires the compound is different and the DOT will warm up slower (pirelli slicks and DOT's are the exception here).

The pilot sports you have will work, just be careful until the tire comes up to temp.

Slicks offer A LOT more grip.

Hey Ron...

I was under the impression that race-only tires came up to temp SLOWER than DOT's. (or is it cause most guys don't push'm hard enough on the street to get up to temp?)

I'm unclear on this as well.

Speaking only for Dunlops which I used while roadracing I found the warm up times between medium compound slicks and DOT's (D208GP A's) to be similar when the weather was warm, but in the cold weather the DOT's seemed to warm up quicker (squirm would go away sooner).

As for lap times, for me the difference was fairly small, only .5 sec/lap on 1:08 - 1:09 lap times at PIR (Portland Intl Raceway) on a GSXR1000. The biggest difference was the slicks would last a lot longer and be less prone to chunking.

A soft compound slick might warm up quicker than a DOT, but I tried them once and could only get ten hard laps before the rear was shredded

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