YZ 450F seems small

Just got my first four stroke and when i brought it home and put it next to my 250 two stroke, the 450 was a good 3 inches shorter than the two stoke! I took it out riding with some friends that all had 400's and 450's last weekend and all their bikes are taller as well. Im wondering whats up. Will i get three inches from a sag adjustment? Are these bikes just smaller?

Could be a light weight spring, or have a lowering link installed, my YZ125 was taller than my friends KX450F

My '13 KTM 450SXF feels smaller than my '04 450SX.   I think the seat is actually a hint lower.   I have been told I look huge on it, and I am only 6'0".


It seems the trend on these new bikes is to get smaller/lower to the ground.



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Look at the link


Measure the seat height

my 07 yz450 is 3 inches shorter than everyone else's 450s since I dropped the forks and put a yamalink on it.  I'm a short guy, so the bike looks proper with me sitting on it, but on the truck tied down next to the other 450s it looks like a 80/125 bike. 

My 2010 YZ450 sits lower than my previous YZ450, and also sits lower than my YZ250F or YZ125. My 125 actually sits the highest of the three.


That being said, you should still check the free sag and the race sag to make sure that everything is adjusted properly.

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