How to rig a left-hand-lever operated rear brake..

Anyone figure a cost conscience way to rig a left-hand-lever operated rear brake :)?. I know rev-loc makes it for a few bikes, but not the Yamaha. I have tried contacting them direct, but to no avail. I want to install a Z-start, and think this would be the cool way to set it up!

Cost conscience, probably not. But you can also check with these guys(Road Bike):

For my WR450 I took an adjustable hydraulic clutch lever, w/ resevoir, off a Kawasaki street bike, routed a steel braided hose all the way to the rear caliper, including the hook up to my hydraulic actuated rear brake light via a banjo switch (street legal). Took off all the stock rear brake stuff. Got a hot start lever off a Honda 650 and that is now my one-finger clutch. Mated that lever to a Dr.D hot start. Now when I'm doing technical I'm on the balls of both feet just like a trail bike, both hands on the brakes. Total cost ? $150, for all. :) The Magura "Jack" clutch would have looked better, but it did'nt have the PSI to squeeze the calipers the way I liked it all the way back at the swingarm. Plus it's pricy !!!!

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