XR400 tank decals

I cringed this morning, while going out to get in the truck, I passed my 400 in the garage. The XR sticker on the right side of the tank had a bubble under it about the size of a silver dollar. I very carefully punctured it with a needle and tried to flatten it back out, but it's still wrinkled. We had a temp change over 24 hours from 70+ degrees to 9 this morning. I've heard of the plastic tanks "outgassing" before, so I know it happens. Question is, don't they make the decal stickers now with like hundreds of tiny pin holes in them to keep them from bubbeling, and where do they sell them? Maybe I'm too anal, but this is the only blemish on an otherwise mint bike. thx ed :)

Rockymountainmc.com has OEM tanks graphics like what you are looking for.

Maybe I'm too anal, but this is the only blemish on an otherwise mint bike. thx ed :D

Dang, what happens if you should ever fall? :D:):D

i would like to have some decent tank decals but i went that route once and with no luck. i put on new decals and

they bubbled up and looked worse than the ones that were all scratched up. i gave up.

the scratches give it character. so i've convinced myself.


<font color="navy">Ride more, that will scratch them more, then you won't care as much. I gave up long ago (knee brace wreaks havoc on stickers) and just peeled them off the tank. I think the plain white looks better anyway! :)

Go to your local auto paint supply store, and ask for polypropylene primer. It's made by PPG, and if you paint the side of your plastic tank with it, the pores will be sealed and your stickers will stop bubbling.

Remove all the old stickers, clean the tank thoroughly, and spray the primer on with a small airbrush gun. Apply your new tank graphics after the primer dries, and your stickers will last.

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