Long and short spokes (rear wheel)

I bought the drz400e spoke kit from suzuki and new factory hub through contingency. I also bought a new excel rim same as stock.

I started lacing the wheel and noticed there were an equal number of long spokes and short spokes, ~1/8" difference.

I examined my stock wheel and with about 80% confidence decided the longer spokes were on the drive side.

I built up the wheel and both runouts are nearly zero.

So the question is...Did I guess right? :)


yes,you did it right.just FYI, after market spokes are all the same length.

I have no experience in this area but here are my thoughts anyway.

You must have got it right if the wheel is true.

Even if you got it wrong then surely the adjustment on the nipples would be enough to take up the difference?

Do the nipples look as if they are screwed onto the respective nipples evenly - if so then I think it must be right.

Why have Suzuki made a hub with such a small difference in the circumference of each side?


its not a circumfrence difference.its the distance from the hub holes to the rim holes.its the offset that makes the difference.

Thanks guys!

Such a small difference in length was what threw me the most.

Boy that black rim sure looks purty :)

Often thought of trying that.

Well done :)

How difficult is it to true the rim?

Any websites/books out there?


It wasn't very hard to do but then again I haven't ridden the rim yet...

I made a truing stand but I've seen them built using a rod stuck into a vise and some wires for indicators.

Thanks jayled :)

I removed my rear stock rim, added an excel rim. The stock spokes were all exactly the same length, without question.

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