Was RC wearing his Asterisk Braces?

I couldnt find any info if he was or wasnt...I though the braces were supposed to help minimize the risk (although it could stil happen..) :)

I'm sure he was... actually he was probably wearing custom CTi's. He DID NOT injure his knee while riding. It was an old injury just like Chad's shoulder. It's just popped out while riding and since he doesnt care that as much for SX he just decided to go ahead and get it fixed now so he will be ready for the nat's. And your correct. They will not totally prevent injury but they will minimize the risk. I have asterisks and I love them.

Whether he was wearing braces or not, I can tell you from experience that they will not prevent all knee injuries. Two years ago, I got a pair of Asterisk braces for protection and a month after I got them, I did a full ACL tear. I will say that the injury could have been worse had I not been wearing the braces, but they are not the armor that a lot of people believe them to be. They do prevent hyper extension type injuries and help with stability, but beyond that......????? There is no substitute for correct strength training to help prevent injuries and sometimes it comes down to "S#*@ HAPPENS"!

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