e start

what is this proble with the electric start and the wood ruff keys on teh 03 WR450s? ive looked at the threads and im still not sure wat it is and what causes it. so could you guys please tell me what it is? :)

at the top of this forum there is a post(bulletin) that has 220 replies regarding the woodruf key issue. Happy reading

yea i looked there and i didnt see anything that causes it. maybe i just missed it? if someone will tell me that will be great.

The short version is that a lean backfire during estart can cause the flywheel to spin on its shaft shearing the woodruff key. There have been various levels of damage when this happens and there are various theories about the cause. Sounds like Yamaha has fixed the problem on the 04's. Read the older posts for details, or maybe one of these TT techy types will enlighten you more on this thread.

Biggest thing is to get your jetting right.

Happy riding :):D

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