Splitting cases on 08 Yz 450

Just wondering if there is anything else I should do that is out of the ordinary while I have it torn down. It is a low hour 2008 Yz 450 that is bone stock. I just had a freak occur acne and threw a rod bearing, so I am going to replace the whole crank assembly and put it all back together with new gaskets.

Like I said, this bike has prob 20 hrs on it, new cam chain and tensioner, valves are in spec, piston and cylinder look and mic'd great, just wondering if there is anything else I need to address that I wouldn't know about, as this is my first time rebuilding a thumper.

Deffinatly take a good look at the oil pump and circulation passages.

Thanks will do, I am going to take everything apart, clean and inspect the parts and cases, then put it back together.

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