Do KTMs use a hydraulic clutch lever?

Hey KTM'ers,

Excuse me, but I don't know your fine mounts at all well; I'm a red rider (Honda XR300).

I'm thinking of cobbling-up a left-hand-lever operated rear brake to work with an automatic clutch. I'm looking for a left-hand-lever hydraulic system. Do KTMs use such a system for their clutch? If so, is the fluid brake fluid or mineral oil? (For some reason I think that KTM uses the Magura clutch unit, and that the Magura unit uses mineral oil).

Thanks for the assistance (or any other leads to such a lever system).

Dale :)

You are right on the hydraulic clutch setup. But it used Dot 4 brake fluid.

The hydraulic clutch does not use brake fluid. :)

Do not ever use brake fluid in it or you will ruin the seals. You can use Magura blood, mineral oil (5wt fork), ATF or even baby oil but never use brake fluid.

Thanks for the info.

Could one actuate the OEM Honda caliper using something other than brake fluid (ATF, minieral oil, ...)? I guess what I'm asking is "Could the KTM clutch system be directly (and hydraulically) connected to the OEM rear brake caliper (and avoid any hydraulic to mechanical to hydraulic slop)?"

If it makes thing any easier, I'm even considering doing away with the rear brake pedal all together (and only have a hand operated rear brake) [as my right foot doesn't work too well].



Ktm use only idraulic brake fluid.

I use Citroen (yeah, French car!)LHM suspension oil.

You cant' connect the magura cluch pump to rear brake for two reason

1- different screw on the tube

2-insufficent compression ratio between the piston on the pump and the piston on the caliper.



you can use an "AJP" clutch master from a gas gas. they use brake fluid. cost is around $95.

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