04 exhaust / full system or half?

I am considering an exhaust system for my bike. I would like to keep the stock ti header and put a mid/cannister on for gains. Does this work or do I need a full system? Does this make gains over the stock system?

No one knows?

Yes, this will increase your performance, but many of the designs are designed to go together (i.e. head pipe, mid pipe (if any) and silencer). The gain with just the silencer is there, now you just have to pick the right silencer to go with your stock head pipe and that's the hard part - good luck, there are lots of opinions there... :)

I put a T-4 slip on on my 04, it made decent gains everywhere. It's stepped from the header joint back, and the silencer pipe is much larger than stock.

I put a carbon GYT-R on my kids and it has good gain down low and some up top. It's also built the same way as the T-4. It's not as loud, nor does it have quite as much gain as the T-4.

I like the T-4 of the 2.

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