Check your steering stop bolts

Just noticed last weekend that I smashed my CDI unit (black box) because the left side stop bolt fell out and let the front fork tube smash the unit. I was able to superglue all the pieces together and recoat the entire box with a rubber sealant.

I've talked to all my KTM riding buddies and they have found that their jam nuts were also loose.

So check that locking nut to make sure its tight.

yeah, maybe you eccede to have too much sterring space or you have NEVER moved those nut?

Anyway you can put the CDI over the topend, near the thermostatic valve.

Use a piece of aluminium.


I put my CDI in the airbox and removed the steering stop bolts completely.

Thanks for the tip, will check mine, havent even looked at them yet.

Rick the first thing I did with my 520 was to turn the stops all the way in. I looked closely and my fork won't hit the black box. Don't know if it's because I run the forks all the way down in the clamps or what.

I initially tried to find a place to relocate the box so I could get more turning out of the front end(we ride VERY tight trails here). I was disappointed to find out KTM did not leave enough slack to mount the box behind the number plate.

Oh well all seems OK here now.

Thanks for the heads up!

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